"THERAPY VLOG": award-nominated short revisited in ENGLISH

THerapy Vlog still.JPG

A year ago, my short film "Therapy Vlog" made waves at the 2016 Snowdance Independent Film Festival in Landsberg, Bavaria.

When your best buddy is a stuffed Penguin called "Piepser" (Piepser insists on being called "Beaker" in English, because he likes Beaker the chem assistant on "Sesame Street"), and you spend your week doing hugging workshops, practicing odd flirting techniques on the Berlin underground - that is definitely an ice-breaker when you're meeting casting directors, producers and filmmakers.

I am proud to say that the Snowdance jury voted "Therapy Vlog" amongst the Top 11 out of 400 submissions, and that I was also shortlisted for the "Marlene" acting award.

Anyhow. I've gone back into the editing suite, and I'm super-pleased to re-release my "Therapy Vlog" in it's update international version. Enjoy! And let me know what you think.

Attending BERLINALE 2017

Occasionally funny / mostly curvy: Walking the red carpet at Nordmedia Night, Berlinale 2017

Occasionally funny / mostly curvy: Walking the red carpet at Nordmedia Night, Berlinale 2017

Berlinale has always held a special place in my life as an actor and filmmaker.

When I first moved to Germany in 2012, this was the first big film festival I ever attended. Since then, I've been a regular, despite the freezing February weather and the imperative to always pack a pair of warm, comfy boots together with your stiletto heels. That's Berlinale fashion to you, and I think it works superbly well for this city of unassuming, odd glamour. This being said, once you dive in, it really is a full, intense 10-day programme, butI love the challenge of navigating the exciting, if exhausting, mix of inspiring, thought-provoking films, fancy red-carpet evening receptions and industry talks while trying not to catch the typical Berlinale flu.

But Berlinale is serious for me, too. As a member of German Actors Union BFFS as well as in my capacity as one of its Berlin branch representatives, the film festival is an important opportunity for me to raise awareness for issues pertaining to our industry; to talk to my fellow creatives about our work, both aesthetically, but also pragmatically; the kinds of stories we want to tell and see on screen, as well as the question of how to finance these stories and provide fair pay, regardless of gender, race and age, to the many important people who help bring these stories to life. Filmmaking is always a team effort, made by highly qualified, motivated and passionate creatives who deserve appropriate respect and financial compensation. Berlinale always makes me incredibly proud to call myself an actress, and to identify as a member of the creative family.

Stay creative - and keep making those time machines out of DeLoreans. :)

Berlinale, day 10.

Berlinale, day 10.

NOMINATED: Julia in the TOP 11 at the SNOWDANCE Film Festival Speedcasting


Julia's 90-second short on "Time" has made the top 11 in the Speedcasting event at the Snowdance Independent Film Festival in Landsberg (Bavaria), 30 January 2016.

The Speedcasting at Snowdance is a full-day event, organized by CastForward and CastMag, which gives a selected group of actors the opportunity to meet and network with casting directors, producers and filmmakers.

Disclaimer: This motion picture is protected under the copyright laws of Germany and other countries throughout the world. While I do thank my muses who inspired me to create this motion picture, the story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this production are fictitious. No identification with actual persons, places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred. No penguins were harmed in the making of this motion picture.