"THERAPY VLOG": award-nominated short revisited in ENGLISH

THerapy Vlog still.JPG

A year ago, my short film "Therapy Vlog" made waves at the 2016 Snowdance Independent Film Festival in Landsberg, Bavaria.

When your best buddy is a stuffed Penguin called "Piepser" (Piepser insists on being called "Beaker" in English, because he likes Beaker the chem assistant on "Sesame Street"), and you spend your week doing hugging workshops, practicing odd flirting techniques on the Berlin underground - that is definitely an ice-breaker when you're meeting casting directors, producers and filmmakers.

I am proud to say that the Snowdance jury voted "Therapy Vlog" amongst the Top 11 out of 400 submissions, and that I was also shortlisted for the "Marlene" acting award.

Anyhow. I've gone back into the editing suite, and I'm super-pleased to re-release my "Therapy Vlog" in it's update international version. Enjoy! And let me know what you think.